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From: Kara Brown
Subject: Re: College Crossdressing Slut 7: First Spanking College Crossdressing Slut
First Spanking
I didn’t hear from Robert for four days. On Tuesday though he
called me. “Hey slut. You dressed up?” He asked. I lied. “I sure am sexy.” “Cool, I’m going to be there in an hour for your ass.” I raced into the bathroom and got ready. I put on my short black
skirt, my black top that showed off my flat tummy, the black thigh highs,
and my new zebra striped thong that Joey had replaced when he had ripped my
old one. I put on my makeup and wig and waited for Robert. Robert arrived
a little later than he had said. “Looking hot slut!” He told me Lolita Pthc
as he walked in the door, sat down
on my couch, and started pulling his pants off. “Now I want that blowjob I
missed out on last time.” I got on my knees and started playing with his cock. I licked up
and down and really gave his balls some attention. I really love a man’s
balls in my mouth. Then I licked back up his cock and really gave the
underside of his cockhead the attention it deserved. He really had a great
cock. It was slightly shorter than Joey’s but it appeared a little
thicker. After admiring it, I wrapped my lips around his head and started
sucking. He moaned and put both hands on my head and pulled me in more. I
braced myself on his thighs so that I wouldn’t choke. I bobbed my head up
and down his cock like a good little cocksucker. “I want you to cum all over my face.” I let him know. “That’s exactly where I like to put it on little cocksucking
sluts.” He moaned. Minutes later he pushed my head off his cock and started jerking
his dick. I waited on my knees with my eyes closed expectantly. I was
rewarded with a shot that hit my lips, and then a second and stronger shot
hit my Lolita Pthc eyelid. He came and came on my face until it was dripping off. “You’re a heck of a cocksucker. Now go get me some Gatorade, and
don’t wash that cum off your face yet.” I obeyed and brought him back his
drink. I decided to sort of bring up what I had been thinking. “Did you bring a condom to fuck my ass too stud?” I asked
tentatively. “I’m going to fuck your ass, but I don’t need any condom. I
already filled you up with cum last weekend.” “I know baby, but I usually only do it with protection. Last time
I just forgot since I was drunk. I wouldn’t have let you fuck me without
one if I wasn’t.”
“OK, I’ll just get you drunk then. I’m not going to wrap it after
I already felt it without one.” “Sorry baby, but we have to use one.” “Don’t tell me what I have to do slut. A little whore like you
should learn some manners.” He said Lolita Pthc
forcefully. Then he got up, grabbed me and pulled me over his lap. I tried to
struggle but he held me tight. “Do you know what’s going to happen to
you?” He asked. I shook my head. “You’re going to get a spanking you
cumfaced slut.” “That’s right” I thought, I still have his cum on my face. “No
baby please!” I Lolita Pthc begged. I had never actually been spanked before! My
parents had never done it to me and Lolita Pthc
I didn’t know what to expect. Robert just said “If you’re old enough to suck cock, you’re old
enough to get spanked.” And held me in place while I squirmed and wiggled
to no avail. He lifted up my skirt but kept my thong in place. SMACK
SMACK, I got one swat on each cheek. “OWW!” I yelped. “This is just the beginning.” He let me know. He gave me about 20 smacks before he stopped and my pale butt was
getting pretty warm. “So this is what being spanked feels like.” I
thought. It definitely hurt, but I was also very aroused. After he
stopped the spanks he began to rub my ass. “How does that ass feel now?” He asked. “It hurts baby.” I whimpered and tried to get up. “Not so fast,” Robert warned. “This is only halftime.” “Oh please baby. Let me up, that was my first spanking.” I said as
I tried to look Lolita Pthc back at him. “Really? I feel special to be the first to spank this cute ass.”
He said with a grin. “Tell you what. I’ll take it easy on you today.
Only ten more, and I’ll make them the same as before, I won’t even give you
the hard ones.” “Those weren’t the hard ones?” I thought but just said “OK.” With
a whimper. He didn’t start out spanking me right away. He just held me in
place and rubbed my ass, keeping me in suspense. “I feel your clitty getting hard. Don’t pretend like you don’t
like it and don’t think I’m going to fuck you after you acted Lolita Pthc like a brat.
I’m out of here after you’re spanking.” “Good.” I said and got 5 HARD smacks on my ass. “OWWWWW!” I
screamed. “That hurt you jerk!” “It’s supposed to hurt slut, and don’t think that was part of your
last ten.” He told me as he yanked my thong down as he proceeded to give
me my last ten smacks. I wiggled and squirmed and kicked my legs.
After the 10 swats, I said “That’s ten.” And tried to roll off. He
just held me in place and continued spanking. “Stop you Jerk!” I yelled
but he gave me five more swats and then let me roll off. “Now you’re done.” He informed me. I got up and yanked up my panties and rubbed my ass. It was
burning like I’ve never felt it before. He just laughed at me “look at
that cute little red ass.” “I thought you were leaving.” “I am.” He said as he gave me a hug and rubbed my burning ass for
me. “I’ll come by after class on Thursday and you can suck my cock again.” “Good luck with that.” I said “I know you liked it slut. You’ll like sucking my cock on Thursday
too.” “Whatever.” I replied and he gave me one more light swat and left. I went to the bathroom and examined my butt. It was pretty red. I
was a little worried about bruising or marks but it was just red, I guess
you can’t leave too many marks with just a hand. My butt really was
burning but I actually loved the feeling. I was so fucking horny after
this, but I didn’t have anyone to call. I went to sleep horny and with a
red ass.

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